Weighing, filling, and bagging equipment provides us with wonderful, cost-effective, and time-saving production activity. But as always, any piece of equipment, when used continuously or for long enough, may break down and require repair.

There is not one company that has expertise with all types, brands, and models of equipment. But at QWM, we come close. We have the ability to service a broad range of equipment, brands, and models, not just the brands we regularly sell.

And unlike many other companies, we are quite happy to provide you with a quotation on repairs (where possible) without charge.

Down-time is an important issue when a breakdown occurs. If longer down-time means more money lost, then you need to have a repair effected quickly. Consider the following:

  • We are one of the largest companies in our industry, meaning we have many service personnel that can respond to your service call promptly.
  • Because of our size, we are able to stock a large range of spare parts on our shelves. This means we may well have the necessary parts to effect a repair without having to order them from the manufacturer of the equipment. In the case of equipment manufactured by us, we strive to keep spare parts in stock at all times.
  • An effective repair can only be made by an effective service person. At QWM, we conduct structured training to ensure our service personnel are both competent and effective on site. Our training systems lead the weighing industry.

Why not give us a try next time your business experiences a breakdown?


Many of our industrial Customers agree to regular, scheduled service visits to keep their weighing, filling, and bagging equipment in good working order and performing accurately as required. We often call these agreements Service Agreements. Note that they are not a contract, as the word "agreement" implies, and can be ended at any time our Customer advises.

Service Agreements are often very competitively priced. Why? Mainly because of the two following reasons:

  • We are able to plan visits in advance as they are scheduled, unlike breakdown visits that can rarely be planned. Since we are able to plan visits, we can tie the visit in with other work in the area. By sharing a trip with other work in the area, we can share the cost of the visit, so the cost to each Customer is reduced (as opposed to a single, special visit).
  • We want to encourage our Customers to consider regular, preventative maintenance to be conducted on their equipment. We prefer to keep equipment in good, working order rather than have it neglected. Neglected equipment often means a more expensive and involved repair when the equipment eventually breaks down.

Please feel free to contact our Operations Managers for a site visit and quotation. The scheduled visits can be yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or as often as you require. Remember, Service Agreements are not a contract and do not oblige you to retain our services if you do not want to.


To many of our existing Customers, it is reassuring to know that the same company that sold them a weighing, filling, or bagging solution can also service that solution at any time in the future.

Our experience shows that this ability to provide an after-sales service is what many potential Customers demand first before considering a purchase of any equipment. We agree. Before purchasing any equipment, ask yourself this, "Can the company provide you with the ability to service your product long after the warranty period has expired?" With QWM, you can answer this question with, "Yes!"

At QWM, we pride ourselves on our ability to be able to provide after-sales service. Whether it be a small postal scale or a B-Double weighbridge, we are able to provide our clients with technical support, preventative maintenance, and breakdown repairs.


QWM is licensed by the National Measurement Institute of Australia (NMI) to certify trade instruments.

This means our range of test masses are traceable back to national secondary standards. All our test masses are accurate and have their own Certificate of Verification, a copy of which can easily be made available upon request.

Whether you have a trade or non-trade instrument, we are able to test and calibrate a wide range of weighing equipment and issue an Inspection and Test Report showing the final accuracy upon completion.


Equipment will eventually break down at some stage while it is being used. This presents a problem if breakdown occurs towards the end of the day, after hours, or on a weekend. You need a service provider that is flexible to meet your service needs.

QWM is quite happy to provide an after-hours breakdown service to our Customers because we understand that lost down-time can mean lost income. And if our Customers aren't happy, we aren't happy.

For your reference, our standard working hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.


QWM has a fully-staffed fabrication workshop primarily used for the fabrication of weighbridges, platform scales, bagging machines, etc. However, like all fabrication workshops looking for additional work, we offer our fabrication workshop to provide services to outside companies.

Please visit our Fabrication Services page to learn more.