Relocatable Weighbridge

Relocatable Weighbridge Description

The nature of some industries, especially remote quarries, is to move from site to site. Steel/concrete decks are relocatable, but the shear weight of this type of deck means that a large capacity crane must be used to remove the deck. A heavy vehicle may also have to make two trips depending on its maximum gross weight limit. Relocation is therefore expensive.

A relocatable deck is one that is constructed entirely of steel. It is lighter and easier to relocate. The deck sits on a removable frame that, when bolted together, forms a solid base, complete with end walls.

The only part of the weighbridge that is not portable is each concrete footing that supports each load bearing point of the base frame. New concrete footings must be poured when relocating the weighbridge.

Relocatable Weighbridge Format

Legal Requirements

The following are requirements by legislation specific to each Australian state and territory:

  • The Digital Indicator Must be Located within 6m from the Weighbridge Deck
  • There Must be a 1m Clear-Space Located Down the Complete Length of Both Sides of the Deck
  • Ground Underneath the Deck (Between Concrete Footings) Must be Treated to Prevent the Growth of Foliage