Multiple Deck Weighbridge

Multiple Deck Weighbridge Description

Multiple deck weighbridges (also known as multi-deck weighbridge or split deck weighbridges) are useful for determining a breakdown on individual axle group weights, while still determining an overall total weight.

The design itself may be any type of weighbridge format (above-ground, semi-inground, fully inground, etc.), but the design uses more than one deck to make up the whole. Note that deck lengths need not be identical throughout, but a combination of different lengths.

Each individual deck has its own digital indicator, with a summing unit supplied to total all deck weights and to display that total. The digital indicators and summing unit are typically housed in a single enclosure.

Multiple Deck Weighbridge Format

Legal Requirements

The legal requirements are the same as for the corresponding weighbridge format (above-ground, semi-inground, fully inground, etc.).