Livestock Weighbridge Description

The cattle weighbridge is still a trade approved design, but is not subject to quite the stringent legal requirements as a vehicle weighbridge. For example, the approaches need not be constructed of concrete or of the prescribed length.

Like the relocatable weighbridge design, the deck sits on a frame that is assembled and bolted together, which in turn sits on concrete footings. The deck is constructed fully of steel with a mesh fixed to the top surface to assist the cattle with traction.

A cage frame is typically supplied with either a manually operated gate or an automatically or mechanically operated gate.

Livestock Weighbridge Format

Legal Requirements

The following are requirements by legislation specific to each Australian state and territory:

  • The Digital Indicator Must be Located within 6m from the Weighbridge Deck
  • There Must be a 1m Clear-Space Located Down the Complete Length of Both Sides of the Deck
  • Ground Underneath the Deck (Between Concrete Footings) Must be Treated to Prevent the Growth of Foliage