Fully Inground Weighbridge

Fully Inground Weighbridge Description

The fully inground weighbridge design is a design where the foundation and deck is cut in to the ground (similar to the semi-inground design). The fully inground design, however, typically has a much deeper pit and the entire deck's top surface is at ground level. There is no part of the deck that extends above ground level.

The design is commonly used for installing a weighbridge in a large driveway or pavement area where traffic can drive from one side of the weighbridge to the other without hindrance, providing the particular state's Trade Measurement Authority does not require kerbing to prevent a vehicle from turning while on the weighbridge.

Fully Inground Weighbridge Format

Legal Requirements

The following are requirements by legislation specific to each Australian state and territory:

  • The Digital Indicator Must be Located within 6m from the Weighbridge Deck
  • The 1m Clear-Space is Incorporated into the Design with the Side Walls (see Diagram Above)
  • Vehicles are not Permitted to Turn While Entering or Exiting the Deck
  • For a Deck Less than 18m in Length, the Approaches Must be a Minimum Length of 3m
  • For a Deck 18m or Greater in Length, the Approaches Must be a Minimum Length of 1m
  • Approaches Must be Constructed of Concrete
  • Suitable Drainage Must be Incorporated in to the Design

Remember, our experience in the weighbridge industry means we are familiar with the relevant legislation and its application in each state and territory. We are happy to provide you with advice to allow you to comply with legislation.