Weighbridge General Description

QWM/Accuweigh is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of weighbridges in Australia. QWM/Accuweigh has been supplying and installing weighbridges for over 50 years with major installations now totalling well over 600. We have installed weighbridges in all Australian states and territories and some overseas countries in the region. This type of experience speaks volumes on the quality and longevity of our weighbridge design and systems.

In fact, QWM/Accuweigh has built a reputation on fabricating and constructing superior quality weighbridges as well as also being able to manufacture custom sizes and meet unique design specifications. As a result, our weighbridge slogan, "Built to Order - Made to Last", says it all.

The QWM Advantage

Our competitive edge, we believe, is our expertise and dedication to a quality product. This enables us to price competitively, and to provide a product that is properly engineered, compromising none of our Customers' requirements.

There are a number of inferior weighbridge designs available in the marketplace supplied by our competitors, and we too can supply lighter-duty weighbridges with minimal steel components and minimal overload factoring in the design. But very few companies offer, let alone have on file, solid weighbridge designs built to last for Australian conditions and the life of a site.

Our fully electronic weighbridges are supported by stainless steel loadcells with internal surge protection and IP-68 rating. Weighbridge loadcell capacities are selected to suit Customers' requirements.

The weighbridge designs have been engineered to take loadings well in excess of those expected during normal use (thus prolonging the life of the weighbridge). Our Engineering Reports, supplied by our Consulting Engineers, confirm our design criteria.

  • Quality Assured Product
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanised Finish
  • Ex Stock
  • Complete control of the manufacturing process from start to finish, because manufacturing is in-house!
  • An in-house Service Department to provide an after-sales service with all our products.
  • Specially engineered for poor soil conditions.

Weighbridge Extended Warranty Plan

The quality of QWM's weighbridges is well known throughout our industry. It's what sets our product apart from others. To further enhance the quality of our weighbridges, we now offer a Weighbridge Extended Warranty Plan. The Weighbridge Extended Warranty Plan ensures our customers that take up this option can enjoy the security and confidence in our product long in to the future.


Weighbridges vary greatly in design, based on the Customer's requirements and site conditions. They may be:

Use the links above to navigate to the individual configuration pages and respective brochures, if you desire, or download the complete Weighbridge Formats Selection Guide showing all weighbridge configurations. The Selection Guide is a 16 page PDF, 2.44Mb.