FSi Series Waterproof Bench Scales
FSi SERIES BENCH SCALES XK Series Washdown Platform Scales

Wash-Down Scale Description

Washdown scales are essential for food processing lines due to public health implications. They are typically constructed of stainless steel and incorporate specially sealed loadcells. QWM supplies a range of wash-down and waterproof weighing scales rated from IP-65 to IP-69K.

FSi Series Waterproof Scales

The FSi Series is a range of single-point platform scales with an excellent accuracy range. They are available in a variety of capacities and pan sizes.

The real strength of the range is that they are constructed of stainless steel with and IP-65 rating, making them well suited to washdown areas. The entire range is also trade approved making the range very useful for weighing and processing food products, especially seafoods.

The display is liquid crystal with very large and readable digits. The display also has an analog representation of the weight for visual recognition and checkweighing. The scales may be powered by 6 x C-size batteries or by an AC adaptor.

  • Ultra Fast Weighing- Stability in 0.5 Seconds
  • IP-65 Dustproof and Waterproof
  • Comparator Function- Pack to Preset Targets
  • Large Indicator Lights - Displays a HI, LO or GO Result Against Your Targets
  • Analog Sweep Display (ASD) - Ideal for Target Filling with a Fast Flowing Product
  • Backlight Function - Perfect for Poorly Lit Work Areas
  • Three Weighing Resolutions (1/3,000 Trade Approved, 1/6,000/7,500, 1/12,000/15,000)
  • Rechargeable Battery Supplied as Standard - Up to 80 Hours from One Charge
  • Auto Power Off Function - Preserves Battery Life by Switching Off if Inactive
  • Memory Function - 100 Target Weight Memory Positions
  • UFC Function - Flexible Setup of Print Output
  • Simple Calibration
  • Capacities of:
    • FS-6Ki, 6kg x 0.002kg Trade Approved
    • FS-6Ki, 6kg x 0.001kg Non Trade
    • FS-6Ki, 6kg x 0.0005kg Non Trade
    • FS-15Ki, 15kg x 0.005kg Trade Approved
    • FS-15Ki, 15kg x 0.002kg Non Trade
    • FS-15Ki, 15kg x 0.001kg Non Trade
    • FS-30Ki, 30kg x 0.01kg Trade Approved
    • FS-30Ki, 30kg x 0.005kg Non Trade
    • FS-30Ki, 30kg x 0.002kg Non Trade

XK Series Washdown Platform Scales

The XK combines the proven robust X320 indicator with a rugged X Series base equipped with an IP-69K loadcell to handle the toughest weighing application. An ideal general purpose or check weighing scale for marine and food processing applications and for:

  • Trade Approved
  • Marine Grade (316) Stainless Steel Throughout
  • IP-68 and IP-69K Stainless Steel Loadcell
  • X320 IP-68 and IP-69K Indicator
  • Heavy Washdown Applications
  • Marine Environment
  • Check Weighing
  • Capacities of:
    • 15kg, (6kg x 0.002kg and 15kg x 0.005kg)
    • 30kg, (15kg x 0.005kg and 30kg x 0.01kg)
    • 60kg, (30kg x 0.01kg and 60kg x 0.02kg)

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