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Software Package Description

QWM distributes AASoftware weighbridge software packages to integrate with our weighing systems. AASoftware is the software division of Accuweigh. AASoftware's software packages are easy to install and use, and are supplied with a complete manual. A number of off-the-shelf packages are available for most weighbridge software applications.

Ofcourse, custom software packages (for weighbridges or for other types of applications) can also be supplied for unique site requirements.

  • Tailored products,
  • Flexible and speedy upgrades, and
  • Online support.

AASoftware software packages are fully compatible with our range of peripheral equipment, which includes:

Standard Software Packages

Weighbridge Software for:

  • Landfill,
  • Quarrying,
  • Factory Management,
  • Feed Mills, and
  • Unmanned Operations.

Batching Software for:

  • Concrete Plants,
  • Feed Mills, and
  • Bag-Filling Data Collection.

Plant Automation:

  • Truck Filling from Silos,
  • Truck Filling from Belts in Quarries, and
  • End Loader Filling.
  • All these can be allied to a Weighbridge Control System.

Further Resources

Note: All brochures are labelled as either Accuweigh or AASoftware brochures. To contact QWM, contact the Accuweigh Queensland branch listed.

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