Sliding Cantilever Security Gate

Boom Gate

Site Security Systems Description

Security to sites, and to weighbridge facilities, is becoming increasingly more critical. This is especially so for large sites or sites with dangerous areas that are unsafe for the general public.

QWM supplies a range of site security solutions.

Boom Gates

Boom gates and cantilever sliding gates are very good identifiers of restricted areas, as well as providing a physical barrier to those areas. Boom gates can be integrated in to the site's weighing processes (such as with a weighbridge transaction) using a software package which allows both manual and automated control.

Electronic Identification Systems

Transponder tags (devices that are uniquely encoded with an identification number, often with millions of possible combinations) can be issued to suitably authorised personnel. These personnel can then be individually identified by a semi-automated or fully automated system.

Personnel without a transponder tag, or those with one but with an identification number not accepted by the system, can be restricted from certain areas, or restricted from part or all of the system.

See Electronic Identification Systems for more details on the types of transponder tags available and their advantages and features.

Magnetic-Strip Card Reader

Vehicle Transpoder Tag

Traffic Control Lights

A simple, and yet functional, security accessory. The lights are typically fitted with a 150mm red and green aspect, but other combinations and sizes of aspects are available. LED lighting is typically used, but incandescent lighting is still available. Traffic control lights are easily fitted to posts and buildings, and can be controlled manually, or integrated with a software package for automation.

Traffic Control Light

Photo-Electric Sensors

While most boom gates are fitted with a built-in photo-electric sensor (or proximity switch), photo-electric sensors are also useful on sites as individual components. They are essentially a switch that is tripped when a vehicle or person cuts the beam of the sensor.

When installed at strategic locations, the photo-electric cells can alert operators or supervisors to the proximity of a vehicle or person on site. For example, a photo-electric sensor can be installed at each end of a weighbridge. The sensors can then be integrated to a software package. If a vehicle is not fully on the weighbridge, one or both of the sensors is tripped. The software can be programmed to fail to process this vehicle until it is fully on the weighbridge.

Photo-electric sensors are economical site security accessories.

Photo-Electric Cell

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