Shipping Container Weigher

Shipping Container Weigher Description

The Shipping Container Weigher is a heavy-duty platform scale, fitted with four weighbridge-styled loadcells. It is designed to weigh standard ISO shipping containers (20 feet by 8 feet). Other sizes are available upon request.

The Weigher is manufactured by QWM in-house. The image at left shows a version of the Weigher that can also be used as a standard platform scale (see plated area at centre), making it versatile and multi-purposed (though this is available as an optional extra).

The design of the Weigher also allows the Weigher to be relocated easily. When moving, simply fix all transport bolts, to protect the loadcells during transit and to keep the two frames secured together, and lift away. The Weigher's frames are typically hot dipped galvanised.


  • Other Sizes, Capacities and Finishes Available
  • Safety Guards
  • Standard Platform Weighing Area

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