Retail Scale Description

Retail scales (sometimes known as price-computing scales) are primarily used with the sale of retail items (such as fruit and vegetables, meat, etc.). Retail scales are trade-approved scales and also must have a rear or second display to allow the consumer to view the weighing transaction. Digital retail scales typically also have a price-computing feature for calculating the total price based on the weight and unit price.

From small family shops to large supermarkets, the Dibal K Series meets all your weighing and labelling needs in a very simple way. The K series retail scales are capable of printing both labels and receipts from the one unit. The three line alpha-numeric LCD display has very bright backlighting to enable it to be read under all conditions. This unit is very compact to allow it to be positioned almost anywhere.

Flat Top Retail Scale
Tower Retail Scale

Mechanical Hanging Retail Scales

The dual display hanging scale is a mechanical dial scale suited to trade applications because it has a display on both sides of the scale (front and rear).

Dual Display Hanging Scale

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