Digital Parcel Scale
DIGITAL PARCEL SCALE Mechanical Parcel Scale

Parcel Scale Description

Parcel scales are ideal for mailing rooms, offices, freight departments, and for many other general uses. They are a non-trade scale meaning you cannot use them to buy or sell products. For a trade alternative, see the Small Capacity Platform Scales or Retail Scales.

They are an economical choice that can be used in a wide range of weighing applications. Parcel scales may be either digital (electronic) or mechanical dial (analog). Generally speaking, digital scales have smaller division sizes compared to their mechanical counter-parts (making them more accurate), but do have power requirements (either batteries or AC adaptor) and are not ideal for wet environments.

Digital Parcel Scales

Digital parcel scales are very easy to read (and not subject to parallax error, as with the mechanical dial scales). The display is liquid crystal (black display on grey background) and has 25mm high digits.

For power requirements, either 6 x "D" sized batteries can be used, or an AC adaptor. Battery life is typically 600 hours when using manganese type batteries, or 1200 hours when using alkaline type batteries.

SK-1000 1kg x 0.5g ±1g 230mm x 190mm
SK-2000 2kg x 1g ±2g 230mm x 190mm
SK-5000 5kg x 2g ±4g 230mm x 190mm
SK-5001 5kg x 1g ±2g 230mm x 190mm
SK-10K 10kg x 5g ±10g 230mm x 190mm
SK-20K 20kg x 10g ±20g 230mm x 190mm
SK-30K 30kg x 20g ±40g 230mm x 190mm

Mechanical Parcel Scales (Salter Model 180)

The front dial is protected by a clear acrylic cover making reading the dial easy and concise. Purchase directly from the Salter Australia's web site for the best available pricing.

2kg x 20g 180mm 203mm x 155mm
5kg x 50g 180mm 203mm x 155mm
15kg x 100g 180mm 305mm x 203mm
30kg x 200g 180mm 305mm x 203mm

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