Onboard Vehicle Weighing Description

Onboard vehicle weighing is desired by many industries for many different vehicle types. The ability to weigh loads as they are loaded is of great benefit to business owners and vehicle drivers as valuable time can be saved. Onboard vehicle weighing is also becoming far more prevalent with the introduction of Chain of Responsibility legislation in Australia. There are numerous advantages to onboard vehicle weighing.

Onboard vehicle weighing refers to a weighing system that is fitted as part of a vehicle, as opposed to a fixed weighing system that resides in a set location that the vehicle passes over. Different onboard vehicle weighing systems are available to suit different vehicle types, but there is virtually no type of vehicle that cannot be fitted with an onboard vehicle weighing system. Even light-weight commercial vehicles and vans have options available.

Through QWM's partnership with Accuweigh, we are able to expand our product range to include the PM Onboard range of Onboard Weighing Systems because of its internationally-acclaimed reliability and quality. The range is non-trade, although the WasteWeigh System does have European Approval.

Several Systems are available. The right System for you depends on the vehicles in your fleet:

BulkWeigh (for Bulk Tippers)

Specifically engineered onboard weighing systems for bulk tipping rigid, semi-trailer and drawbar vehicles. The PM BulkWeigh system is designed for high accuracy in rugged environments. Waterproofed to marine quality standards, PM BulkWeigh is the first choice for bulk transport applications, such as aggregates, quarries, feed delivery, bulk powder and many extreme off-road operations.

  • Weigh and Display
  • High Accuracy ±0.5% of Full Scale or Better
  • Simple to Operate
  • Overload Alarm, Audible or Visual
  • Rugged for Off-Road Use
  • 17-50 Tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight

Accuweigh-Air (for Air Suspensioned Vehicles)

For payload control, the Accuweigh-Air system incorporates a unique air sensor principle which measures the load in the trailer's air suspension system. The Accuweigh-Air system can be fitted easily.

The equipment also incorporates the proven PM1200D digital indicator.

  • Net Payload and Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Accurate to ±3% to 5% FSD or Better

TruckWeigh (for Air and Spring Suspensioned Vehicles)

For payload control of vehicles with either air or spring suspension, or a combination of the two.

  • TruckWeigh Indicator (In-Cab or Chassis Mount)
  • Alarm Sounder
  • Junction Box and Cabling
  • Accuracy ±1% of Full Scale or Better

Underbody Loadcell Onboard Weighing System

The Underbody Loadcell Onboard Weighing System can virtually be used for any rigid type of vehicle. Loadcells are fitted to the vehicle chassis and linked to a digital indicator, typically mounted in the cab.

A selection of loadcell models are available to suit the vehicle size and mass as well as a selection of digital indicators to suit the set of features and functionality required.

  • High Accuracy ±0.5% of Full Scale or Better
  • Full Loadcell Systems
  • Overload Alarm, Audible or Visual
  • Simple to Operate
  • Rugged for Off-Road Use
  • 1 - 50 Tonnes GVW

WasteWeigh (for Waste and Recycling Vehicles)

With the ever-increasing expansion of the waste, refuse and recycling industries, WasteWeigh is at the forefront of waste management solutions. Integrated weighing systems are specifically designed for waste and refuse collection vehicles. These systems provide continuous and precise weight information for payload control and operational efficiency to accuracies better than ±1%.

  • High Accuracy ±1% of Full Scale or Better
  • Tare, Gross and Payload Displayed
  • Overload Alarm, Audible or Visual
  • Printer Option
  • Proven Reliability
  • GPS, GPRS, GSM Technology


The VanWeigh axle overload protection system is specifically designed for two axled spring vehicles. Each axle is monitored with an environmentally-sealed electronic sensor which monitors the load applied to each axle. The information is then displayed to the driver on the twin channel digital indicator and an audible alarm sounds if the total vehicle or axle weight maximum is infringed.

  • Accuracy ±3% FSD (90 - 100%)
  • Simple to Operate
  • No Driver Input Required
  • Axle Overload Protection
  • Gross Overload Protection
  • Balanced Load Distribution
  • Maximise Payload Capacity
  • Operating Tolerance of Vehicle (Braking)
  • Possible Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Reduce Vehicle Wear and Tear
  • Protect Your Licence
  • Avoid Fines
  • Avoid overload endorsements
VanWeigh Onboard Weighing

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