Loss-in-Weight Feeder

Loss-in-Weight Feeder Description

Loss-in-weight feeders are a specialised weighing solution, suited to applications where it is necessary to quantify the weight lost during discharging of a weigh bin. That is, rather than measuring what goes in to the weigh bin, the loss-in-weigh feeder measures what comes out.

Loss-in-weight feeders are therefore used in applications where it is necessary to discharge a known amount of product into, say, a mixing bin. Any product can be catered for. The only variables include the size of the weigh bin, and the method of discharge. The system, depicted at left, shows a screw feed discharge method and has been used to process waste water sludge.

Essentially though, any existing weigh system (weigh bin, weigh silo, weigh hopper, etc.) can be converted to a loss-in-weight feeder through the use of a specialised loss-in-weight integrator unit specifically designed to handle loss-in-weight.

Loss-in-Weight Integrator


  • Angle of Incline
  • Variable Speed Drive for the Motor

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