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Laboratory Balances Description

QWM supplies A&D lab balances, because they represent an excellent value for money purchase, and because of the comprehensive range of capacities and divisions.

Lab balances (sometimes known as Mettler balances) have been divided in to a few categories to make it more convenient to obtain information on them. The categories are:

The A&D Brand

The A&D brand, has a long and solid history in Australia. The brand has a reputation for being reliable and long-wearing. QWM has been a long-serving supplier of A&D equipment and is proud to distribute the A&D product range.

Analytical Balances

QWM supplies the A&D Semi-Micro range of Analytical Balances with a minimum Balance resolution of 0.01mg. The Balances have an excellent selection of features and accessories making these balances a prudent choice for any laboratory.

Our brochure, at left, covers the GH-252, GR Series and HR-200 balances. Individual brochures are available upon request.

Analytical Balances

Precision Balances

QWM supplies the A&D FZ-i and FX-i Series Precision Balances (and their IP-65 counterparts, the FZ-iWP and FX-iWP Series) with a minimum Balance resolution of 1mg. The Precision Balances utilise the latest Compact Super Hybrid Sensor and have an incredible one second stabilisation time.

And they are feature packed too. Accessories and options further enhance this Series. An underhook allows density determination. An animal pan option permits animal weighing. Statistical calculations, automatic self calibration and more.

Precision Balances

High Capacity Precision Balances

Precision Balances, while having quite small resolutions, tend to be small capacity scales of up to 6kg. That's where the High-Capacity Precision Balances come in. They have both the small resolution and the higher capacity to cover a range of uses.

The A&D GP Series is a range of High-Capacity Precision Balances ranging from 12kg capacity to 101kg. Some balances in the range have dual interval, meaning they have a smaller resolution at the bottom of its weighing range, and a higher resolution at the top.

GP Series High Capacity Precision Balance

Further Resources

Note: All brochures are labelled as Accuweigh brochures. To contact QWM, contact the Accuweigh Queensland branch listed.

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