Keg Weigher

Keg Weigher and Barrel Weigher Description

Keg Weighers are useful for many hotels, clubs and freight stores for weighing kegs and barrels. The Weigher is extremely manoeuvrable, being fitted with two wheels, rubber grip handles, and very light-weight.

Provided the weight of an empty keg or barrel is known, the amount of liquid in the keg or barrel can be determined by the current, overall weight of the keg or barrel. One person can easily weigh a keg or barrel. Simply tilt the keg or barrel forward and slide the weigher under it.

The digital display typically is powered by batteries to enable full portability of the Weigher.

An industrial variation of the Keg Weigher can be used to weigh industrial barrels and drums.


  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Warehouses
  • Freight Stores


  • Other Sizes, Capacities and Finishes Available
  • Cages and Gates Available

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