Intrinsically-Safe Weighing System

Intrinsically-Safe Weighing Equipment Description

Intrinsically Safe Weighing Equipment (sometimes called explosion-proof weighing equipment) is designed for dangerous and explosive areas. QWM supplies a range of equipment that is well suit to areas that require intrinsically safe equipment.

Digital indicators are also readily available as intrinsically safe, eliminating the need for purchasing expensive modifications to existing equipment

  • Full Loadcell Construction
  • High Overload Protection
  • IP 65 Rating Cabinet
  • Simple One Piece Installation
  • Heavy Duty Tachometer
  • Keyboard Programmable
  • Automatic Belt Tare
  • Analogue and Pulse Outputs
  • Alarm Outputs
  • Multi-Purpose Display


  • RS-232 Data Communication Output to Peripheral Equipment
  • Automatic Filling Operations for Trucks, Rail Wagons, Ships
  • Manual Feeder Controls
  • Software Package to Provide Automation and Reports

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