Drive&Weigh 8000 In-Motion Axle Weigher

In-Motion Vehicle Weighing Description

Tipped to be the "next big thing" in weighing vehicles, in-motion vehicle weighing systems enable vehicles to remain in-motion during weighing. This is a massive advantage to site traffic flow and vehicle throughput.

Through its partnership with Accuweigh, QWM has expanded its product range to include a range of in-motion vehicle weighing solutions. The range is non-trade in Australia, although there are numerous systems installed throughout Europe with European Approval. The exception to this is the Drive&Weigh 8000 which now has Australian approval.

The axle weigher range is known as Drive&Weigh while the wheel weigher range is known as Checklode.


The Drive&Weigh 8000 has a big potential for the Australian transport industry. With the industry moving towards Chain of Responsibility legislation and the trend towards Intelligence Access Program (IAP), the Drive&Weigh 8000 is at the forefront of in-motion vehicle weighing in Australia. The Drive&Weigh 8000 has already been approved in Australian and produces very accurate weighing results, allowing travel speeds of 5km/h across it for certifiable installations and up to 15km/h for other typical installations.

The Drive&Weigh 8000 now incorporates the IT8000 programmable digital weight indicator with a specifically written software program for inmotion vehicle weighing. This is not a light-weight indicator. It can control external devices like alarms, boom gates and traffic control lights to control traffic based on weighing results. The indicator also determines the number of axles and axle groups, what each axle group is (single, dual, tri or quad axle group), what the vehicle type is (selected from up to 99 preset vehicle types in memory - rigid, B-double, B-triple, etc.), and more.


The Road Guardian is a wheel weigher able to be carried and positioned by one person. The range is a cable-free wheel weigher systems. The features of the Road Guardian includes:

  • Static Weighing and Dynamic Weighing Functionality
  • Lightweight Cable-Free Design for Ease of Portability and Set-Up
  • Integral Printout of Wheel, Axle and Gross Weights
  • High Visibility Weight and Data Input Displays
  • Full Weighbridge Functionality
  • Overload Warning Printout
  • PC Integration for Comprehensive Data Storage
  • Selectable Static or in Motion Operation
  • Selectable Law Enforcement or Fleet Management Software
  • Designed to Meet and Exceed OIML Class IIII

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