Forklift Scale and Warning Systems

Forklift Scale and Warning Systems Description

Forklift scales and warning systems contribute to any company's occupation health and safety system. Forklift weighing systems can provide a reasonably accurate calculation of the load being lifted and provide an audible warning when the load approaches or exceeds the forklift's rated limited.

Some of the factors that affect the weighing accuracy of forklift scales include the inclination of the forklift, the speed the forklift is travelling and the speed at which the load is lifted. There is no substitute for performing a weighing function on a flat and level surface, with a static load, and preferably with a well serviced forklift.

Because many factors are involved with calculating the forklift load, forklift scales provide an approximation of the weight only, and are subject to slight weight variations. For the ultimate in accuracy and consistency, please consider Platform Scales.

Forklift warning systems are also available to provide an audible alarm when speed limits are approached or exceeded and when distancing limits are approached or violated during operation.

The RDS Range

  • Liftlog 100 Entry Level Forklift Scales
  • Liftlog 500 Mid-Range Forklift Scales
  • LiftAlert Forklift Overload Warning System
  • Speed and Distance 200 Forklift Speed and Distance Warning System

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