End Loader Scales

End Loader Scale Description

End loader weighing systems are typically installed as an integral part of a loader that employs a hydraulic lifting method. The system monitors the hydraulic pressure during a lifting cycle, and determines the weight based on the pressure. QWM uses the RDS Loadmaster range of end loader weighing systems because of the range and features available in this range.

Some systems in the Loadmaster range include features to compensate for variable bucket lifting speeds, end end loader inclination and even end loader travel speed but please note that there is no substitute for performing a weighing function on a flat and level surface, at a consistent lifting speed, and preferably with a well serviced end loader.

Because many factors are involved with calculating the bucket load, end loader scales provide an approximation of the weight only, and are subject to slight weight variations. For the ultimate in accuracy and consistency, please consider the Weighbridge. For an alternative top-loading option, see also Belt Weighers.

Note that the end loader weighing systems are non-trade devices. For a trade alternative weighing device, see Weighbridges, Platform Scales, and Crane Scales.

The Loadmaster Range

  • Loadmaster 800iX Entry Level End Loader Scales
  • Loadmaster 8000iX Mid-Range End Loader Scales
  • Loadmaster 9000i High-End End Loader Scales


  • Fitted to a Variety of Types of Mobile Equipment or Vehicles
  • On-the-Move Weighing or Weigh-as-You-Load
  • Fast and Accurate Weighing
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Optional Peripherals Including Printer, PC Connectivity, etc.
  • Proven Track Record on Performance
  • Optional Transmission of Weight via Radio Modem

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