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Electronic Identification System Description

Electronic identification systems typically include transponder devices (identification tags, magnetic-strip cards, etc.) and a transceiver device. The transponder tags are uniquely encoded with an identification number. The range of possible identification numbers often exceeds millions of possibilities. Transceiver devices are used to read the transponders' encoded identification number.

Electronic identification systems are ideal for sites that automate part or all of their processes. Personnel or vehicles are issued with a unique transponder. The encoded identification number can be stored in a software package, supplied by Advanced Australasian Software (AASoftware), a software division of Accuweigh. The software package can then identify this person or vehicle, every time their transponder is read. This eliminates possible fraudulent activities, and streamlines the site's process.

iButton Tags

iButton tags are by far the most convenient and most economical electronic identification system in use today and they are being used everywhere as a result. They can easily be attached to key-rings. Two types are available: one that emits a low radio frequency signal, and another that contains an internally encoded circuit.

The radio frequency type can be read by a transceiver within close proximity. The internal circuit type must be physically inserted into a transceiver to be read.

  • Tags are Convenient and Unobtrusive - Small Enough to Carry on Your Person
  • 281 Billion Uniquely Encoded Possibilities
  • Self-Powered Tags
  • 1m Transceiver Read Range (for Radio Frequency Signal Type)

Vehicle Transponder Tags

These transponder tags are typically mounted on vehicles and emit a radio frequency encoded identification number. They are automatically read by a transceiver device, mounted close to the road-side or weighbridge, as the vehicle passes by the transceiver.

  • Transceiver Mounted in Weather-Proof Enclosure Suitable for Outdoor Use
  • Simple Installation of Transponder Tags on Vehicles (Trucks, Rail Wagons, End Loaders, etc.)
  • Self-Powered Transponder Tags
  • 6m Transceiver Read Range

Magnetic Strip Cards

These types of transceivers are mounted close to the road-side or weighbridge. They can read the magnetically encoded identification number of most magnetic-strip cards, including credit and debit cards, fuel cards, personal identification cards, etc.

  • Dust-Resistant Enclosure Suitable for Covered Outdoor Use
  • Post-Mount Enclosure
  • Low Power Consumption

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Note: The brochure is labelled as Accuweigh. The Product List is labelled as AASoftware. AASoftware and QWM are divisions of Accuweigh Pty Ltd.

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