Driver Control Stations

Driver Control Station Description

Driver control stations (also known as DCS, user control station, and UCS) are data entry devices that can be used by system operators or vehicle drivers. They are typically used in conjunction with weighbridges, hopper systems, and any other systems that involve some automation together with user input. Driver control stations are located at the point where vehicle drivers, operators, and/or supervisors are most likely to enter information.

In the past, QWM has manufactured its own driver control stations as this has provided us with complete control over the final product. We continue to support our existing and past clients and still have the capabilities to manufacture driver control stations.

However, since becoming a division of Accuweigh Pty Ltd, we now also use Advanced Australasian Software Pty Ltd (AASoftware), another division of Accuweigh Pty Ltd, to provide driver control stations and associated software packages based on client specifications and requirements. This move makes good business sense and allows us to strengthen our product range.


The driver control station communicates hand-in-hand with a software package, typically supplied by AASoftware, and accesses a wealth of information, including vehicle registration details, customer information, product types, and billing information. The vehicle operator only needs to respond to prompts as shown on the display, using the buttons or keys available to enter identification codes or make a response. Software packages may be off-the-shelf packages or may be custom written to specifically meet unique client requirements.


Model DCS4

The DCS-ROC utilises a ROC-SOLID industrial, touch-screen PC, and as such, can be used as a standalone system. This means the software package is installed as part of the DCS-ROC, rather than a remote office PC. All information, such as vehicle codes, customers, destinations, etc., is also stored locally in the DCS-ROC.

The DCS-ROC can be networked with other PC's to facilitate data transfer and report generation. The DCS-ROC display appears just like a standard PC desktop.


Model DCS4

The Alpha-Numeric DCS range is a data entry station that must be connected to a remote PC, typically by an RS-232C port. The remote PC must be installed with a software package that can communicate with the DCS.

The software package stores all information such as details of vehicles, customers, products, billing information, etc. The software sends messages to the DCS to be shown on the DCS display. The software monitors the DCS for keyboard entries by the system operator (in response to displayed prompts.

The software also communicates with, and monitors, all other system components and generates printed dockets, reports, and valuable statistics.


  • Electronic Identification Systems can be used to automatically identify a vehicle or system operator. Whether a large tag mounted to a vehicle, or a small tag installed on a key ring, tags uniquely and correctly identify any user.
  • The DCS4 can use a radio modem to network to other computers on or off site.
  • Docket printers can be used to produce a hard-copy of a transaction for the system operator.
  • Wireless Technology is here! Use a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) to access information, complete a transaction, or control the system from one location.

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Note: The brochure is labelled as Accuweigh. The Product List is labelled as AASoftware. AASoftware and QWM are divisions of Accuweigh Pty Ltd.

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