HCi Series Counting Scale

FCi Series Counting Scale

Counting Scale Description

Counting scales are a specialised range of scales that are able to count and accumulate pieces. When considering the purchase of a counting scale, there are two important specifications you need to be aware of: maximum capacity and internal resolution. Many electronic scales now have a counting feature available, provided as standard. The internal resolution of the scale, however, may not be sufficient, particularly if you primarily wish to use the scale for counting purposes.

Counting scales provide the higher, internal resolution desirable for counting pieces. Note that it is not the display resolution that is important but rather the internal resolution.

HC-i Series Counting Scale Features

The HC Series is a low-profile, counting scale able to be used in a wide range of locations.

  • 6,000/7,500 Displayed Divisions for High-Accuracy Weighing
  • High Internal Resolution of 600,000/750,000 Counts for Accurate Parts Counting
  • Detachable Display Unit
  • ID Memory Function
  • Unit Weight Entry Navigation System
  • Audible Weighing Assist Beeping Function
  • Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (A.C.A.I.) Software for Superior Performance
  • High Contrast Liquid Crystal Display for Easy Reading
  • Sample Any Number of Parts to Establish Part Weight
  • Built-In Comparator Allows Check Weighing of Prepackaged Goods
  • Counts Can be Accumulated by M+ Function
  • Single-Point Overload Protected Loadcell
  • Automatic Power-Off Function to Conserve Battery Power
  • Power Sources: AC Mains Adaptor; Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Capacities Available Include:
    • HC-3Ki, 3kg x 0.5g
    • HC-6Ki, 6kg x 1g
    • HC-15Ki, 15kg x 2g
    • HC-30Ki, 30kg x 5g
  • Options:
    • HC-03i, RS-232C
    • HC-04i, RS-232C/Relay Output
    • HC-08i, Extension Cable (2m)

FC-Si Series Counting Scale Features

The FC Series is a range of low-profile, counting scales, with exceptional internal resolution (1/500,000). The FC Series has the added advantage of being able to be calibrated to a large capacity scale (for example, a platform scale) as a second scale input, for ultimate counting ability.

  • 10,000 Displayed Divisions for Maximum Accuracy
  • High Internal Resolution of 1,000,000 Counts for Accurate Parts Counting
  • Memory Storage for Up to 500 ID, Unit and Tare Weights, and Alpha-Numeric Item Code
  • Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement (ACAI)
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack Option
  • Remote Platform Option Allows Bulk Counting
  • Comparator Function Triggers HI/OK/LO Alarms
  • Navigator Function with LEDs Increases Ease of Use and Efficiency
  • Universal Flex Comms (UFC) Allows You to Format the Printout
  • Capacities Available Include:
    • FC-500Si, 500g x 0.02g
    • FC-5000Si, 5kg x 0.02g
    • FC-5000-, 5kg x 0.5g
    • FC-10Ki, 10kg x 1g
    • FC-20Ki, 20kg x 2g
    • FC-50Ki, 50kg x 5g
  • Options:
    • OP-01i, Barcode Reader
    • OP-02i, Ni-MH Battery Pack
    • OP-03i, RS-232C x 2 Channels
    • OP-04i, RS-232C x 1 Channel / Comparator Relay Output
    • OP-05i, Remote Scale Interface
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