Chlorine Drum Weighers

Chlorine Drum Weigher Description

The Chlorine Drum Weigher is essentially the skeletal frame of a platform scale (without a top plate) designed specifically for weighing chlorine drums, typically as they are being filled. The image shows various Chlorine Drum Weighers suited to weighing a fixed number of drums (one, two and three drum versions). Various options can automate the filling process.

Loadcells and digital indicators used are typically intrinsically-safe devices.

Chlorine Drum Weigher Options

  • Control Enclosure to Control the Filling Process
  • Intrinsically-Safe Digital Indicator for Dangerous and Explosive Areas
  • Multi-Drum Frames
  • Above-Ground or Fully Inground Platform Frames
  • Painted or Galvanised Finish
  • Choice of Digital Indicator

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