Chair Scale Description

Chair scales are ideal for weighing patients. They are useful for hospitals and medical centres. Many models are available with the A&D and Seca brands being the most popular in Australia. The HVL-CS is a typical chair scale with a maximum capacity of 150kg to suit most patients. The Seca 954 has a maximum capacity of 200kg. Both have exceptional accuracy with patient comfort and modesty in mind.

A&D HVL-CS Chair Scale
Seca 954 Chair Scale


  • 150kg x 0.05kg Weighing Capacity
  • Battery Operated - 6 x C-Size Batteries
  • Ergonomically Designed - Minimal Effort Required by Patient and Staff
  • Simple Operation - Two Button Keypad
  • Easy to Clean Chair Shell Ensures Maximum Hygiene
  • Long Battery Life - 600 Hours for Standard Alkaline Batteries
  • Auto Power Off Function - Scale Switches off After 3 Minutes of Inactivity, Preserving Battery Life
  • Highly Portable - Simple to Move Using the Frictionless Wheels
  • Five 125mm Diameter Locking Castors to Ensure Patient Safety During Weighing
  • High Visibility LCD - Easy to View from any Angle
  • Push Handles - Convenient for Staff when Moving the Scale

SECA Model 954 CHAIR SCALE Features

The Seca 954 chair scale is a quality chair scale made in Germany with a capacity of 200kg x 0.1kg. The Seca 954 wheelchair scale is well-suited for hospitals and clinics, particularly geriatrics, nephrology, orthopaedics, nursing homes, retirement homes and rehabilitation centres.

With the Seca 954 chair scale, every function emphasises convenience. From the folding foot rests to the clear, highly visibility weight display. The Seca 954 has a compact design using round tubular steel in the frame for an uncompromising stability for both patients and nursing staff with non-skid locking wheels which also make the wheelchair scales uniquely manoeuvrable.

  • SEATING: A comfortable seat made in medical grade plastic seat is easily cleaned as opposed to foam and fabric seats which can be very difficult for contamination control purposes.
  • ARM-RESTS: The armrests can be folded to the rear to allow unobstructed movement of the patient from the bed on to the wheelchair scale. In closed position, the arm rests provide the patient with secure support.
  • FOOT-RESTS: Taking a seated position and standing up is made easier with the Seca 954 wheelchair scale due to the adjustable footrests that can be folded up and pushed to the rear to simplify the work of the nursing staff.
  • ELECTRONICS: The positioning of the large LCD display unit behind the chair makes it easy to read and the many functions (including BMI) leave nothing to be desired. The 954 wheelchair scale has a power consumption that is significantly lower than comparable chair scales and can be operated off either mains power using a plug pack or from rechargeable AA batteries.
  • LOADCELLS: The well protected load cells guarantee maximum precision even after running over door thresholds or repeated trips through the hospital ward or nursing facility.

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