Belt Weigher

Belt Weigher Description

A Belt Weigher is a weighing device that can be installed as an integral part of an existing material transfer belt. The Belt Weigher typically monitors the travel speed of the belt (via a speed sensor/tachometer) and the material weight travelling over the weigh frame at any given time, and determines the tonnage per hour, as well as storing a continuous total.

Belt Weighers are ideal for quarries or ship loading/unloading facilities. Most models are not trade devices but may be within ±2%, an accuracy more than suitable for stock control or vehicle loading prior to weighing on a weighbridge.

  • Full Loadcell Construction
  • High Overload Protection
  • IP-65 Rating Cabinet
  • Simple One Piece Installation
  • Heavy-Duty Tachometer
  • Keyboard Programmable
  • Automatic Belt Tare
  • Analogue and Pulse Outputs
  • Alarm Outputs
  • Multi-Purpose Display


  • RS-232 Data Communication Output to Peripheral Equipment
  • Automatic Filling Operations for Trucks, Rail Wagons, Ships, etc.
  • Manual Feeder Controls
  • Software Package to Provide Automation and Reports

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