Net Bagging Machine

Net Bagging Machine Description

A net bagging machine weighs the product independently to the bag. The discharge chute is a separate construction to the weigh bin, which means that, as the operator fits a bag to the bottom discharge chute, the product has already commenced filling to the target weight. This produces superior final bag accuracy and greater bagging rates per minute than gross bagging machines.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to handle free and semi-free flowing products with limited operator interaction. The BudPak range of Net Weighers is available with a variety of in-feed options to handle almost any dry product.

The unit is totally electronic from the load cells to the weigh indicator, which allows seamless interfacing with on-site computer management systems, if required.


  • Two-Stage Gravity Feed
  • Two-Speed Conveyor Feed
  • Two-Stage Auger Feed
  • Gravity Gate, Vibrator Feed


  • Fully Electronic Loadcell Weighing System
  • Fills up to 12 Bags per Minute
  • Bag Weights up to 50kg
  • In-flight Compensation
  • RS-232C / RS-422 / RS-485 Communications
  • Maximum 99 Preset Product Memories
  • Totalised Bag Count and Weight for Each Memory
  • Tolerance Check
  • Two-Stage Filling
  • Simple Operation and Maintenance
  • Fully Stainless Steel Model Available
  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia

Optional Extras

  • Conveyors with VF Drive and RFI Filter
  • Sewing Machines with Adjustable Stand
  • Computer Systems, Printers
  • Software Packages for Statistical Analysis and Reporting
  • Check Weighers for Trade Applications
  • Size and Finish of All Bins to Suit Customer Requirements