Axle Weigher

Axle Weigher Description

Axle Weighers are an economical alternative to full-length weighbridges. They are useful in obtaining axle weights for Road Transport requirements, including avoiding overloading fines.

The digital weight display captures each axle weight and can alternate between displaying the current axle weight and the accumulative total of the axle weights. This total can be sent to a printer or computer, if required.

Axle Weighers are ideal for quarries, warehouses, raw material producers, feedlots, and transport companies/depots. For an alternative method to weighing vehicles, see also Weighbridges, Wheel Weighers, and Automatic Vehicle Weighing Systems.

Axle Weighing Functionality to Existing Full-Length Weighbridges

If you have an existing full-length weighbridge, it is still possible to obtain axle group weights. QWM offers three solutions:

  • Axle Weighing Digital Controller that replaces your weighbridge's existing digital indicator. We call this the Axle Check 9000E is the most preferred option.
  • Axle Weighing Software installed on a PC connected to the weighbridge's digital indicator. This option is not as preferred because software and operating systems tend to become dated over time.
  • In-Motion Axle Weigher installed just before or just after the weighbridge.

View the brochures at right to learn more about each of these options.

Axle Weighing Controller
In-Motion Weighbridge

Low Profile Axle Weigher

The Low Profile Axle Weigher is an economical alternative to the weighbridge-styled axle weigher, with similar accuracies. Extremely low in profile (with just a 65mm high weighing surface) and relocatable from site to site, this product is proving to be a popular weighing solution.

Low Profile Axle Weigher

New Product

Semi-Pit Weighbridge
Transform your existing full-length, ground-level weighbridge with just an IT9000E controller, a photo-electric sensor and some cable! Avoid overloading fines forever.

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