If you can't link to the product you are looking for, or you have not found enough information for your needs, contact QWM to request further information. We will be more than happy to forward to you any further information we have available.

All the brochures are in PDF format. Please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader to properly view the brochures. If your system does not recognise the PDF files, you can download Adobe Reader for free.


If you require some type of weighing, filling, or bagging equipment on a temporary basis, chances are we can hire or lease that type of equipment to you. Our hire/lease charges are competitive and even more so if you intend to hire/lease the equipment for an extended period of time. While not all our equipment range can be hired, a vast majority of the range can.

To identify if a specific piece of equipment can be hired or leased, contact our nearest office (see our contact details below) for further information on our hire/lease range and for a quotation.


To many of our existing Customers, it is reassuring to know that the same company that sold to them weighing, filling, or bagging equipment can also service that equipment at any time in the future.

Our experience shows that this ability to provide an after-sales service is what many potential Customers demand first before considering a purchase of any equipment. We agree. Before purchasing any equipment, ask yourself this, "Can the company provide you with the ability to service your product long after the warranty period has expired?" With QWM, you can answer this question with, "Yes!"

At QWM, we pride ourselves on our ability to be able to provide after-sales service. Whether it be a small postal scale or a B-Double weighbridge that we supply our Customers, we are able to provide our clients with technical support, preventative maintenance, and breakdown repairs.