QWM Geebung Premises

QWM is a major Australian supplier of weighing, filling, packaging and inspection systems and is now part of the Accuweigh Group.

As a result, we are now stronger than ever with an expanded range of products, new Geebung and Slacks Creek premises, and backed by greater resources allowing us to supply and service equipment all across Australia.

QWM has always been remembered as the company that provides products that are


Nothing has changed!

Major Products

Our product range is very diversified and our ability to tailor a weighing, filling, packaging or inspection solution for your needs is unrivalled.


QWM was started in 1959, initially by Gary Barnett but later George Kelly and Peter Slocombe came onboard. QWM grew through the years and became the largest independently owned scale company in Queensland. QWM was acquired by Accuweigh in 2003 and has continued to operate as QWM.

In April 2009, QWM celebrated 50 years in the Weighing Industry. Please download the 50th Anniversary Media Release.


  • Who is QWM? Please visit our Corporate page.
  • Who is Accuweigh? Please read Accuweigh's Company Profile or visit Accuweigh's web site.
  • When did QWM and Accuweigh merge? Please read the Merger Media Release.
  • Will QWM remain in existence? Most definitely. QWM is a well recognised and highly respected brand name and will continue for a long time.
  • Can QWM continue to support past and present customers? Most definitely. The same QWM staff remain and no knowledge or experience has been lost.